Forest Research in the Big Data Era

Inaugural Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative Conference

& GFBI-FECS Joint Symposium 2017

September 6-9, 2017 Beijing, China



The Inaugural GFBI Conference took place in Beijing, September 6-9, 2017.

The conference was attended by over 70 participants from 33 countries. Staff members from Beijing Forestry University, together with more than 40 student volunteers provided valuable service to ensure the success of the conference.



Plenary Sessions

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Pierre Ibisch

Felix Finkbeiner

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It is our great pleasure to announce the Inaugural GFBI Conference & Joint GFBI-FECS Symposium, to be held in Beijing, China, on September 6-9, 2017.
Forests are critical in the fight against biodiversity loss and climate change. But successful policy to govern these valuable resources necessitates a fundamental understanding of forests at a global scale. Until now, the required large-scale understanding of forest ecosystems has been based on remote sensing data. We can now supplement this information with massive ground-sourced inventory data at a global scale, which will greatly enhance our understanding of forest dynamics in a global context.

The GFBI is a global research network focused on the use of big data to enhance our fundamental understanding of the global forest system. We would like to invite you to join us in our first conference in Beijing in September 2017, which will bring together experts from around the world that are focused on the use of "big data" to understand forest systems. By combining our expertise and knowledge on a range of approaches, we hope that this conference can serve as a platform to strengthen the connections within this vibrant research community.
The Conference features: a) Opportunities to develop research collaboration with current and prospective GFBI members from around the world; b) Development of GFBI legislation and data-sharing protocols; c) Plenary and Concurrent sessions of top-tier research presentations (we accept papers/presentations from any discipline that can provide interesting contributions about the structure and dynamics of forest ecosystems, and their services to people); d) Guest speakers from UN FAO, Nature editorial board, and research institutes, etc. (the list to be confirmed in January);
Please visit our conference website and the GFBI webpage for details about registration, accommodation, and conference venues, travel documentation and updates.
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to welcoming you at this conference.

Organised by
The Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFBI), USA
Beijing Forestry University, China

Sponsored by
Beijing Forestry University, China
Forest Ecosystems Editorial Office, China

Conference Chairs
Jingjing Liang, West Virginia University, US
Thomas Crowther, NIOO-KNAW, NL
Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Wageningen University and Research, NL
Klaus v. Gadow, University of Göttingen, DE

Conference Secretariat
Xiuhai Zhao, Beijing Forestry University, CN

Benefits to participate in this Conference
The sponsor of this conference offers all the participants the following benefits:

- Abundant Travel awards which cover the following expenses
    Symposium registration;
    Tours in Beijing (the Great Wall and/or Forbidden City);
    Hotel lodging throughout the symposium;
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner banquet every night;
    Airport pick-up and drop-off, and local commute.
- A special issue of Forest Ecosystems will be dedicated to the proceedings of this Conference. All the Travel Award Receivers must submit their abstracts and manuscripts by the deadline dates.
- Best papers from this Conference will receive cash awards of  US$500 each, up to a total of 16 awards