A tale of two sites

April 11, 2017

IDENT Freiburg <http://www.geobotanik.uni-freiburg.de/Forschung/IDENT?set_language=en>

 SIDE <http://jiliang.forestry.wvu.edu/research/ferc/side>

Both sites are similar in so many ways. They are scientific experiments aimed at disentangling the biodiversity-ecosystem productivity relationship. Similar setup, similar age, and both are in the TreeDivNet, a global network of tree diversity experiments <http://www.treedivnet.ugent.be/>. Furthermore, both are very,very expensive to maintain. Hats off to Prof. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen and all the other researchers who devote themselves to this type of experiment.  It is my privilege to visit both within one month's window.




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