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  • Why shall I contribute data?

    • Contributed data will have increased usage and exposure through GFBI promotion;

    • Data Contributors will be invited to participate and coauthor GFBI global studies;

    • Data Contributors will have priority in using GFBI global data sets;

    • All the contributed data will be kept confidential, and will be used for the study that the contributor has approved (see the GFB-2 Data Guidelines below).

  • How can I contribute data?

To contribute data to GFBI takes only a few simple steps:

  1. Compile your data in the GFB2 template downloaded from below;

  2. For datasets smaller than 5MB, please send the data sheet by email to Jingjing Liang (;

  3. For datasets larger than 5MB, please email Jingjing Liang ( a notice of your data size and region, and a Dropbox link will be sent to you with instructions for data deposition.


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GFBI-2 Data Guidelines and Authorship Policy

GFBI-2 Data Template

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